On the Road Again

For various reasons, between now and the middle of October, I’m going to be logging many thousands of miles, beginning with Edmonton and Banff in mid-September, then hitting Southern California, Maryland and New York City, as well as a few points in between. If you’re in or near one of those areas and your bookstore or book club would enjoy a visit, please contact my assistant, Dana, and she will try to schedule it in. If it’s possible, Dana will make it happen. (Me? I just go where she tells me!)

Meanwhile, my autumn 2008 schedule is already chockfull of events I’m really looking forward to.

On September 28th, I’ll be appearing at Word on the Street in Vancouver. I’ll be speaking in the Canada Writes area at 4pm, just ahead of Roy Innes, an author who lives on Gabriola Island who I’ve done events with before. He’s currently promoting The West End Murders (NeWest Press) and I’m really looking forward to seeing him again!

I’ll be at Bouchercon 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland from October 9th until the 12th. Look for me on Saturday the 11th on the California Dreaming panel with Kit Sloane, Patricia Smiley and Edward Wright and moderated by Cheryl Solimini. With this group, it should be very fun!

By mid-October, I’ll be back in Vancouver. Look for me at the Vancouver International Readers and Writers Festival. On October 24th at 1pm, I’ll be doing an event called “Cement Shoes” with Mark Billingham, John Connolly and Lisa Lutz. The festival catalogue says that, “the gang will talk about whose fictional footprints they are following and how they sleuthed out their literary voices.” That sounds fun!

Then on the 25th of October at 10:30, I’ll be doing an event at the Revue Theatre with Lisa Lutz and Leonie Swann called “Femmes Fatales.” (And, honestly, how could you get the three of us together and not call it that?)

With luck and a tailwind, I’ll see you on the road!


Bill Cameron said…
Hope your arms don't get tired from all that flying! *snort*

See you in Bawlmer!
Except a bunch of it won't be flying: boats, trains, cars *and* flying. Hmmmm... I guess all my bits will be tired!

Bawlmer, indeed. Blue crab, baby!
Gabriola Island said…
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