Top of the World

I’m just back from a week in Edmonton, Alberta visiting friends and family. Heading back to Vancouver, we blasted through the Icefields Parkway, which is breathtaking, no matter how fast you’re going. We stopped at Lake Louise and spent a few pleasant hours ogling some of the most photographed mountains in the world, which is where David took this photo of me with Jett, our crazy Australian Kelpie.

If you’ve not been to the Canadian Rockies you might think the lake looks turquoise because of a color shift, but that’s not it. The water up there just all looks like this -- lakes, rivers, streams. It’s one of the most remarkable things about that journey for me. How can water appear to be that color? It’s like magic.

So now we’re home and back at ‘er for a few quiet moments, anticipating a busy few months attending literary festivals, conferences and then launching my new book in January. Meanwhile, though, there’s chanterelles to harvest (’tis the season), organic vegetables to cook and enjoy, friends to share wine with you, books to write. And you, gentle reader.

Always, there’s you.


Clea Simon said…
May I come up and sleep on your floor? I'll curl up with Jett and won't make much noise, I promise.
Ha! Floor is not necessary. There's always room for you, my dear. And yours. (And did I ever tell you that Jett -- sensible dog that she is -- is properly respectful of cats?)

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