Drumroll, Please

I’m pleased to be able to share the book trailer for the second Kitty Pangborn novel, Death Was in the Picture.

Here’s a fun multi-generational fact or two: the book trailer was done by my son, the actor Michael Karl Richards. And, early on in the trailer, there’s a shot of three hobos in front of a box car. The center hobo is my late father, the photographer Karl Huber. Fun, yes?

The book will be published in North America in January by St. Martin’s Minotaur/Thomas Dunne Books. It can be pre-ordered now if you’d like to ensure you get an early copy.


Clea Simon said…
Psyched! Love the music, too.
John McFetridge said…
Very cool!

I'm really looking forward to the book.
Pageturners said…
Beautiful. What a talent. Well, what two talents, in fact - the writer and the trailer-er.
Tracy Quan said…
That's fabulous! I love the trailer. Will there be a New York booksigning?
Congratulations, Linda, on your new novel and this fun little trailer. Your son (OMG, you look far too young to be his mother!!) did a great job!

Also, love the trivia. I wondered how you'd come across Wild Roses when you sent me the Facebook link. Now I know! lol Two episodes in and I'm already a fan of the show.

And the hobo pic--what a wonderful way to honor your dad.

P.S. Your son is gorgeous and talented. :) You must be one proud mama!

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