“Feral” Kids Alarm Most Brits

If it was springtime right now, I’d think this was an April Fool. As things stand, the Times Online ran this on the 17th:
Public intolerance of young people has reached such levels that more than half of all adults think that British children are beginning to behave like animals, a poll has found.

The poll, commissioned by the children’s charity Barnardo’s, found that 49 per cent of adults regard children as increasingly dangerous both to each other and to their elders, while 43 per cent feel that “something has to be done” to protect society from children and young people.
The piece is long and quite interesting, though more than a touch bizarre, leaving one with the opinion that perhaps Super Nanny ought to scoot back across the pond.
More than half of the survey respondents (53 per cent) said that children were beginning to behave like animals and 45 per cent agreed that people refer to children as feral “because they behave this way”.
Just… wow. The Times piece is here.


Marina72 said…
It's a little OTT, I think. I mean, we have our problems over here, like everywhere, but - lighten up - children are the future, after all! They deserve better...

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