How the Recession Killed Reality TV

The Los Angeles Times brings great news:
Is the recession driving viewers away from reality programming?

There has been so much chatter about politics and the economic meltdown on TV this fall that it's obscured another reality: Some of the networks' biggest unscripted series have been sinking in the ratings.

New York-based ad firm Horizon Media today delivered an analysis of Nielsen Media Research data for broadcast series during the first two months of the TV season, compared with the same period last year. The verdict? Established reality-competition and game shows, including "Dancing With the Stars," "Survivor" and "Deal or No Deal," are suffering a slump almost as bad as the larger economy’s.
We knew there had to be an upside, right? After all, when reality sucks, who wants even more reality?

The Los Angeles Times piece is here. Gawker offers up their analysis here.


Clea Simon said…
Hey, anything that drives people back to well crafted writing is a good thing. Wasn't the Great Depression a heyday for movies? (Well, if you like Busby Berkeley anyway.) Someone should write a book about the industry in those days...

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