One World, One Focus

It seems as though the entire world is holding its breath today, waiting to see if the United States does the right thing. You can’t go anywhere in the blogosphere without encountering erstwhile wishes for the American election. Some of these wishes are being expressed more… um… tactfully than others. Here, for instance, is a quote from a piece from today’s Irish Independent:
The History News Network polled 109 professional historians and 61pc of them rated George W Bush the worst president in US history. A couple of the more thoughtful judged him second worst, after James Buchanan whose epic incompetence led to civil war. More than 98pc of the history professors viewed Bush’s presidency as a failure.
The same piece echoes the optimism being heard around the world:
Everybody on American television is being very polite on the eve of this historic US presidential election. In an increasingly desperate attempt to keep the race competitive, normally candid commentators are still treating both Barack Obama and John McCain as potential winners.

It's a bit like an Antrim v Kerry all-Ireland football final where RTE's commentators keep mapping out surreal scenarios where the underdog can win. Rather than best election etiquette, in some cases the coyness is prompted by superstition and a fear of putting a jinx on the favourite.

The reality is that the people who really know believe it would take an event as seismic as September 11 for John McCain to win. And barring epic human folly or intergalactical interference, Barack Obama will be declared the 44th President-elect of the United States around 3am Irish-time on Wednesday morning.
Where will you be at 3am Irish-time Wednesday morning?

The Irish Independent piece is here. J. Kingston Pierce waxes eloquent here for The Rap Sheet.

And now we wait. Or vote and wait, as appropriate.


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