Quote of the Week: Camus and Karim!

“A novel is never anything but a philosophy put into images.”

Albert Camus
said it, but I got it from Ali Karim’s shiny new blog, Existentialist Man, where today in a charming, rambling, insightful post he muses on the place of literature in general and crime fiction in particular. Much of Ali’s post is worth repeating but I want this quote right here, right now:

“That is why I spend so much time reading, and why I consider a life without books as meaningless, and why I get anxiety if not surrounded by books, and why crime thrillers reveal more about life than any other genre -- In my very humble opinion [and I qualify that statement by making it clear that I do read widely, not just crime], in crime fiction I find all of life’s rich tapestry.”

You can read more of Ali’s thoughts -- on Camus and other stuff -- right here.


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