Quote of the Week: Dick Cavett

“In passing, has anyone observed that hunting animals with high-powered guns could only be defined as sport if both sides were equally armed?”
The quote is from Dick Cavett’s New York Times blog. The piece is called “The Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla” and it is very, very funny: stuffed full of very quotable stuff loosely around the topic of -- you guessed it -- Sarah Palin.
Electronic devices dislike me. There is never a day when something isn’t ailing. Three out of these five implements -- answering machine, fax machine, printer, phone and electric can-opener -- all dropped dead on me in the past few days.

Now something has gone wrong with all three television sets. They will only get Sarah Palin.
Not all of it is chokingly funny and some of it even seems kinda bitchy and a bit out of touch but Cavett at his best is delicious… and he’s pretty near his best right here.
Could the willingness to crown one who seems to have no first language have anything to do with the oft-lamented fact that we seem to be alone among nations in having made the word “intellectual” an insult?
Hmmm. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

The November 14th edition of Dick Cavett’s blog is here.


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