Renovate This

As I’ve mentioned here before, Craigslist is my crack. You can find anything you want on Craigslist. Or sometimes even everything you don’t want.

Here’s a for instance: today in a somewhat dreamy mood, I was poking through the local-ish real estate ads on Craigslist, and up popped this ad for a small castle near Prague. For under 400K, US, you can own this little castle, ceiling frescos and all. I present this bit of the copy, typos intact:

Located in a quite vilage 50 miles noth of Prague. Would suit many use's or simply a luxruy private retreat. Walled private garden, property is 35 Miles NW of Prague and approximatly 10 miles west of the town of Louny.
Marble stairs wrought iron balistrade, rich ornated facade, this will make a great renovation project. Live in part while you renovate the rest. Joint venture considered./Swap/Trade etc.

I know the real estate market is down -- probably in Prague as much as everywhere else. But a DIY castle? Surely there’s a special black book for those? Or a special castle market? Though, to be honest, this looks more that a chateau than a castle, but what the hell do I know? Talk about great parties though... but it would be a long way for friends to come.

So let’s think about it -- ‘cause we are just thinking right now -- if you could get your hands on a castle, where would it be? And what would you do with it? And what would be a higher priority? Frescoes or ballustrades?


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