A Christmas Card from the Edge (of the World?)

Still no phones here in paradise, though the kluged broadband continues to function. If you’ve been trying to call me, try e-mail instead. We’ve been told the phone company will be here tomorrow to take another run at things, but no one is holding any breath.

We managed to dig the car out today and slither the few miles to the store to get supplies. (We were running dangerously low on milk for our lattes and red wine to go with red wine-appropriate meals. And vegetables. Gotta have the vegetables. If nothing else, scurvy must be avoided at all costs, right?)

By the time we came back, the life was beginning to drain out of the day. I trudged around the yard looking at footprints in the snow (this bird here, that feral cat there and Jett’s little footprints everywhere) and just drank in the splendor of a winter afternoon.

It was so beautiful. Pristine snow, fluffy white clouds in a blue sky, but for the gold that was the sun leaking out of the afternoon. It took my breath away.

I realized the lump in my pocket was my mobile phone. David had insisted I take it with me on my trudge (in case I got lost, I guess, between the house and the woodshed, even though cel phones seldom work in our area) so I pulled it out and took a few pictures with the crappy camera in the phone. And here it is: our house looking like something out of a Christmas card, reproduced small enough that you can’t see the not great resolution of my last-year’s-model cel phone.

This is what my life looks like right now: a sea of visual calm. And cold? Just enough to handle. Warm fires. Good duvets. Happy boots. Footprint inspections. And laughter. And food. Walks. And a warm little studio where other worlds try to be born when the light and the sound and the air is just right.

Not many days left in 2008. May all of yours be wonderful. May all of yours be good.


Jody said…
Wow! Definitely a Christmas card photo. I don't think my cell phone camera would do it justice.

Enjoy the holidays! We'll be off to my daughter's house in a couple of days. It's supposed to be snowing again here & there, but shouldn't be enough to keep us home. Now if we could just get rid of the below zero temps!

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