A Holiday Wish

While one could argue that the time for giving thanks was that turkey basted holiday we celebrated a while back, I think a lot of us take this space at the end of the year to evaluate the time just past and take stock of what’s coming up.

Once again, I find myself feeling both lucky and challenged. And, yes, I know: that boat is pretty full these days! Still. While 2008 was in many ways a fabulous year for me, in some regards I’m not sorry to see the back of it. I have a sneaking suspicion others will share that feeling.

Thank you for being here for this part of the journey. I’m both pleased and a bit dismayed that my next book will be published on the same day that Barack Obama will become the 44th President of the United States. It’s made it very easy to remember my publication date for Death Was in the Picture!

As I write this David and I are tightly nestled into our place in the Gulf Islands. All of our services have been restored: even -- thank goodness! -- our broadband. But the car is more or less stuck in a snow bank. (Well, actually, I guess more. Not so much less.) The roads are passable, but it’s a good, long snow filled walk between our house and the road.

It’s quiet. So quiet. The world is muffled in at least a foot and a half of snow. I heard perhaps a half dozen cars yesterday and expect to hear even fewer today. The photo above was taken on our road a couple of days ago. You can almost hear the quiet, can you not? All we do hear is the sound of snow as it calves off the trees because it’s slightly warmer today. And, when we’re outside, the beating of the raven’s wings as they fly about scouting their next meal. (It’s a sound that always takes my breath away.)

Today we’ll exchange small gifts, and at some point we’ll enjoy a peaceful walk down an empty road. Later we’ll feast in decadent style -- it’s a tiny turkey. But, still: it’s only the two of us this year. The weather having both dashed the plans we’d made plus made it impossible for guests to join us. Even so, there’ll be a good bottle of wine between us and an espresso later on. And we’ll laugh -- we always laugh -- and we’ll discuss the year that was and dream about the one about to become.

May your day -- and your year -- be filled also with peace. And love. And laughter. May your 2009 be filled with light. And may your dreams begin to come true.

Happy Christmas.


Diana said…
Ah Linda!.. Always the thinker.. !.. Yes i agree, Christmas and or the season being at the end of the very busy and chaotic year brings at least myself to reflect not only on this year past but on the many years of my life that have gone before me. This time of the year was always filled with such a mixture of happiness , sadness and chaotic flurry and it flies by with such speed that it is easy to miss.

I wonder if this is why when it comes up again the next year that it brings up again such strong feelings because they remain all in the past neither enjoyed or resolved?....

My most favorite Christmas's were always the ones where it snowed this much .!.. the reason.. the whole world seemed to slow down. My world at least.. We all got to do the very thing we had all worked so hard to do which was to be thankful we had each other and or enjoy the end of the year without running just stopping to see the beauty of it all..

Yesterday was no exception although I was not able to make it outside on Xmas day I have been shleping around the city in the snow as my little car is covered and looks like a big round snow ball.. !.... The city was a different scene with the snow although slower no one stopped and the pace got alot slower.. But there were no last min things.. get what you needed and then that was that..

Those that went out spent a good deal of time digging out and digging out.. spinning their wheels.. in more ways than one.. I watched from my window as many tried to help but the work of it was rather useless as they seem to not own snow tires.. !... hmm?...

And yes I agree The back end of this year is a good thing to see.. hoping for some more glorious times in the New Year.. for sure.. much happiness to you and David..I can say for sure my life has been pleasantly enriched knowing you both !.. much more happiness to you and everyone you know.. !

Happy Holidays..
"Spinning their wheels in more ways than one!" That's good, Diana. That's exactly right. But we're true BC girls, both of us. We see snow and we know it will pass. There's nothing going on anywhere that's so important we can't just chill and watch and enjoy... because we know the snow will be gone in a few days.

As I write this, it's coming down again in a huge white wave. But the forecast calls for higher temperatures and rain, rain, rain. It's quite possible this whole magical world will be gone by tomorrow or the next day. Best to enjoy it while we can. There's a metaphor there, I think. A philosophy we both live by.

Have a wonderful holiday! And thanks for stopping by.

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