And Then Lesa Says...

A very nice mention today of Death Was in the Picture on Lesa Holstine’s terrific Lesa’s Book Critiques. Holstine says, in part:
Linda L. Richards' second Kitty Pangborn crime novel, Death Was in the Picture, is a vivid portrayal of Depression era Los Angeles, with the contrast between Hollywood, and the ordinary people. Kitty, an innocent, but tough, young woman, provides a fascinating view of the times.
Meanwhile, BookLoons chimes in here:
Having been bowled over earlier by Death Was the Other Woman, and having noted in my earlier BookLoons review of that title by Linda L. Richards that I looked forward to another appearance by the beautiful and exciting Kitty Pangborn, I have been sufficiently rewarded in my reading of the second installment in Ms. Richards' series.
“Bowled over.” Cool. How can I not like that?

BookLoons review is here. Lesa Holstine’s review review is here.


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