Buy A Paper, Pet a Groundhog and Enjoy a Canapé

Today is national buy a newspaper day. I didn’t make it up, but it’s a swell cause. The newspaper business is hurting all over the place and we need our news. Let me rephrase: we need news as administered by real journalists with ink on their fingers.

So go buy a newspaper now.

Today is also Groundhog Day. Not good news on that front, even from the inky fingered ones. Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. That means six more weeks of winter. You know what that means, right? You’ll need your newspaper more than ever.

I’m planning on not saying too much of interest in this space this week. (What a thing to plan, am I right?) I’m blogging all week at the St. Martin’s Minotaur blog, Moments in Crime. Come see me there. Please. No fun throwing a party if no one shows up for the canapés. (See? I’m even promising you food.)


Clair Dickson said…
I canceled my newspaper subscription when they announced they were shifting to three-day-a-week delivery, with weekday content online only. =( And this was a big city paper, not the little local one.

It's things like this where newspapers ruin their own business.

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