Christmas in February?

It’s snowing again. Not wimpy little flakes, either, but big nasty flurries. I’m happy to be home, warm and dry. We’ve got plenty of milk for our lattes and enough wine to get through several bad storms. And food, of course. Lots of food. So I’m happy not to have to go anywhere for a while. It seems as though it’s been a busy month, and we’re just getting started!

Over the weekend, we were in Vancouver, attending the wedding of a dear friend. On Sunday, we were off to Victoria, where I felt very honored to be asked to give a presentation about my most recent book at the Western Book Rep Association’s spring Book Fair. It’s a great event and I met a lot of interesting and passionate people; people who care about books. Always the very best kind!

Attending WBRA’s super event inspired an editorial for January Magazine. You can see that here. Now I’m home and writing again for the next few weeks. I’m very close to finishing my next book which I am of course not discussing at all right nowand so the snow is somewhat welcome: it’ll keep me home and at the grindstone, a state of being I enjoy probably more than I should!

I’ll be at home and working hard until February 21st when I’m looking forward to a visit to Seattle Mystery Bookshop. I’ll be in the store at 117 Cherry Street in Pioneer Square at noon. Come say hello if you’re in the vicinity!


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