New Crimespree

The January/February 2009 issue of Crimespree magazine is available now. It’s extra full of good stuff, too including Jon Jordan’s wonderful review of Death Was in the Picture. Here’s a snippet:
“Richards must have a time machine because her rendition of the 1930s Hollywood feel flawless. Her instincts are also perfect when it comes to pacing, she keeps the story moving without making it feel rushed. I really like this series and I really like Kitty and I promise you will too.”
What a lovely review. It just made my day.

The Crimespree Web site is here.


MysterLynch said…
I must confess I have not read your stuff, but Jon has gotten me interested. Crime and Hollywood...sound right up my alley!
My opinion is not unbiased, so I won't say anything. However Jon did promise you'd like it!

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