No Teen Spirit for Me

The best laid plans, right? I'm supposed to be at Seattle Mystery Bookshop right this second. But minutes before I crossed the border this morning, my beloved chariot had a nervous breakdown (shown preparing for emergency ambulance removal at left). Something about fanbelts and related parts. And it made goo run on the ground, too. (That’s the... um... technical explanation.)

As I write this, I’m sitting in a Starbucks (Seattle in spirit, right?) in White Rock, B.C., using the free Internet and crying into my soy latte.

If you had planned on dropping by the store today for a signature or a chat (or both!) well... I’m not there. Sorry! As soon as I’m home (and it’s possible the car will be fixed today. Hurray!) we’re going to reschedule the Seattle visit for another day. If you’d like me to let you know when we settle on a date, drop me a note.


Clea Simon said…
My sympathies! Last February I ended up stranded in Washington, D.C., on my way to Murder in the Magic City. No, there was no snow storm. The flights were just f&##% up. I missed MMC and the next day's Murder on the Menu as well. I gave up at some point when they told me there was a possibility of getting a flight home, after about six hours in the DC airport.

The downside of the book tour.

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