The Page 69 Test

Today on the Page 69 Test blog, Marshal Zeringue of the Campaign for the American Reader has me subject Death Was in the Picture to the Page 69 test. It works out pretty well:
Death Was in the Picture’s Page 69 occurs at a telling moment. Not a lot is happening in terms of the mystery that carries this story through. However, we come across narrator Kitty Pangborn, secretary to gumshoe Dexter Theroux in 1931 Los Angeles, just as she meets one of the central and key characters in the second novel in which Kitty features.
You can find the entire test here.


Clea Simon said…
"Death Was In the Picture" stood up to any test. I've thoroughly enjoyed it and hope Kitty Pangbourn #3 is in the works. If I ever 1) get healthy (cold? flu? plague?) and 2) catch up with my own work (still revising that pet noir!), I'll post some reviews.

Very fun book
Thanks so much, Clea! Coming from you, that's high praise indeed. And thanks again for saying so.

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