Quill & Quire Review

Quill & Quire magazine’s Chadwick Ginther reviews Death Was in the Picture for the March 2009 issue. I’m so pleased: it’s another fantastic review. Here’s a small part of it:
Richards effortlessly captures both the feel and lingo of a pulp classic. The banter between Kitty and Dex is ripe with an intimacy and familiarity that is deeply layered and honest. Kitty wants Dex to see her as a woman, not a girl, yet despite her own physical attraction to her employer, she doesn’t seriously want his attentions. Instead of a pistol-slinging femme fatale, Richards gives the reader a bright and capable woman, a heroine who -- refreshingly -- operates within the societal constraints of her time rather than anachronistically flouting them.
The review is here.


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