Facebook’s New Interface Sux

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Chris Willman was fairly passionate about the whole thing on The Huffington Post:
It’s like Meryl Streep getting plastic surgery in order to more closely resemble Malin Akerman. Who’d have guessed that Facebook, of all the beloved services, could be capable of such a needlessly lousy facelift?
Here’s the thing: I’m spending less time on Facebook since the “upgrade.” Which means I’m seeing fewer of their ads. Which means… well, you get it. And I can’t be alone in this. Bottom line: their facelift has altered my experience of their network to such a degree that I care less about it. If enough people feel this way -- and stay home -- maybe they’ll change it back?

Meanwhile, Willman is beautifully eloquent in his loathing of the “new and improved” Facebook. His piece is here.


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