Hats for Easter and History

The divine Kaye Barley is blogging about hats today on Meanderings and Muses, so when I stumbled across this ad for Easter hats from 1928, I just had to post it, especially since I found it on a search that had absolutely nothing to Kaye’s fun blog post.

One of the things I think about when I’m researching a new Kitty Pangborn book, as I am right now, is that considering everything that is known about Miss Pangborn, in 1931 she’s more likely to be wearing one of these hats from 1928 than she is something for closer to the time in which we meet up with her. That’s true in most historical fiction, I think. And it’s certainly true in life. We don’t all run around wearing the latest designer duds. And a three year old hat -- or coat or pair of shoes -- is not unthinkable, especially considering the fact that Kitty is a working girl at a time in history known for financial iffyness.

Tip of the (fabulously designed Easter) hat to Gatochy, who is always digging up wonderful images.


Kaye Barley said…
Look at you!!!! Leave it to you to find these wonderful images. Your Miss Pangborn will be scrumptious wearing one of these hats. Three years behind the times in the land of fashion is exactly how I seem to live, and prefer to believe that I'm not the odd woman out in that regard. Especially now that I have the excuse of "financial iffyness" (great phrase!). Shall we shop for fun chapeaus to wear in Indy in October??
Hmmmm... is Indianapolis known for its chapeauishness? Methinks maybe not. But if it is, we shall find them! (Heck: Indy in October, we may need them!)

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