Tweet Me, Baby

I’ve never really been able to resist peer pressure. It was peer pressure that first got me smoking about a million years ago and, much more recently (summer 2007), it was peer pressure that probably finally helped me to quit. Peer pressure was part of what pushed me to make the blogging plunge around this time in 2006 and, though I don’t recall peer pressure having a part in bringing me to Facebook, you never know, right? It probably did.

And now Twitter.

Though I’ve been aware of Twitter for what seems like a long time, it always looked... well... frankly stupid. And then it seems like enter March 2009, and everyone is Twittering. Everyone but me, that is. And then I wonder: is a Twitterless Linda just a (ahem) twit?

So today -- despite the fact that I’m just in the process of doing final edits on a book -- I joined Twitter. Because I need something to do in my spare time. (I mean, I could sleep, right? But then how would I tweet?)

And now that I’ve joined? Well, it still sorta looks a bit stupid. But my mind is open to the possibilities. Just please don’t tell my agent: she’d probably be much happier with me if would just finish this book!


Ali Karim said…
Hi Linda - I joined last week, and it is fun, and less time consuming that I thought originally

Clea Simon said…
I'm following you! I joined about a week ago, too. And, yeah, I've got a book due end of May so it's not like I was looking for more ways to fill my time (the money-generating work is supposed to take the non-book hours). But, hey, maybe we'll connect with new readers? Or end up writing cell phone novels?

What would Kitty Pangbourn make of all this?
Thanks for the heads up, guys. Now I'm following both of you!

And what would Kitty make of all this? She'd hide her head. It would seem the stuff of bad nightmares to her. Hell, sometimes it seems that way to me!

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