Festival Season

While summer is the season for so many things, one of the summer activities many booklovers enjoy are the literary festivals taking place in parks, libraries and rec centers across North America even while you read this.

This summer, I’m delighted to be taking part in two. Both of them have adventure travel aspects, so I feel especially lucky.

This coming weekend, July 11th and 12th, I’ll be at Write On Bowen on Bowen Island, B.C. While there, I’ll be moderating a panel on writing crime fiction. Don MacLean, Nick Faragher and Barbara Murray are the panelists. On Sunday, I’ll be giving a workshop called Writing Killer Fiction: Exploring Mystery, Thriller and Crime Fiction. Write On Bowen is a fairly new festival but, by all accounts, it’s a vital and growing one. I’m looking forward to being part of it.

In late August, I’m jetting off to Thunder Bay, Ontario for the Sleeping Giant Writers Festival. This will be a real adventure for me as I’ve never been to Thunder Bay. However, festival organizers were kind enough to send me brochures from previous years and it looks really beautiful. This is also a very vibrant young festival. This year, I’ll be joining Peter Mansbridge, Lynn Coady,
Leilah Nadir and others. This should be another wonderful festival.


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