Death Was in the Picture Shortlisted for Panik Award

I am so delighted to learn that the second Kitty Pangborn novel, Death Was in the Picture, has been shortlisted for the Panik Award for L.A.-based Noir.

The Panik honors the late Paul Anik and will be awarded at Left Coast Crime in Los Angeles in March.

The shortlists for all three of the awards to be given out at LCC can be seen here.


stimps said…
CONGRATUMALATIONS!! Seriously, that is so great. =)
Peter Rozovsky said…
Very good. May the future bring panik into your life.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"
Jo Bless said…
Fantastic news Linda! Congrats!
Jo Bless
Thanks so much, youse guys! Like everyone always says, it's just terrific to be nominated. It feels good enough, I can't imagine it would feel better to win!

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