Stylish and Great Fun

Actually, you could carve that onto my headstone if you wanted. (If I were planning on having one: which, actually, I’m not.)

“Stylish and Great Fun.”

It seems to me there’s not a better brace of things to be than that. But it’s not a copywarmer for a tombstone. Rather, it’s from a new review of Death Was in the Picture. The review is by Tim Davis, and it’s full of things an author loves to hear. I’ll share a tiny bit:
A good, old-fashioned gumshoe novel set in the early 1930s, Death Was In The Picture has it all: secrets, foul play, out-of-control passions, quirky characters, and -- of course -- several murders thrown into the mix. The bottom line is this: Stylish and great fun, just like Richards’ earlier offering, Death Was In The Picture is first-rate entertainment, so don’t miss it.
Davis’ full review is here.


celine L said…
I agrre, I just finished reading Death was in the picture. I really enjoyed 30's slang. It was just what I was looking for to escape from 2010 for awhile.

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