Let’s Go Viral

Thanks to the August issue of Vanity Fair still hanging around the bathroom, I’ve already had a hard time keeping this song from running around in my head. But these guys? They rock it. Check it out, Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” done accapella by some mysterious -- but super talented -- guys:

“I want your ugly/I want your disease/I want your everything/As long as it’s free.”

They just don’t write lyrics like that anymore. Oh. Wait...

Tip o’ the hat to my good friend Seonaid.


bookfraud said…
"i want your disease"...please tell me she didn't write that lyric.

i was dating a girl long ago when i came down with a bad cold. we were early in the relationship, things were hot & heavy. so when she came over and i told her we couldn't make out because i was sick, she said, "i want your disease" then proceeded to kiss me.

i always wanted to use that in a story, but never found anywhere appropriate. since i don't listen to l. gaga, i didn't hear that lyric until now.

love the video, btw. what makes them so mysterious?

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