The Best Books of... Next Year?

It’s been a few busy weeks around here. Between the usual wonderful madness that is Christmas in our family and the delicious annual renewal of the New Year, I had to wear my editor’s hat quite a lot.

January Magazine offered a record number of titles in our Holiday Gift Guide this year, which meant a lot of editing and quite a lot of writing, too. Then I helped put together our massive Best of 2010 feature: one of our biggest best books of the year pieces ever. Then somehow (Because I had all this free time? Ahem.) I got the bright idea of putting together a brief Best of 2011 feature for January Magazine and so, with some help from Rap Sheet editor and January senior editor J. Kingston Pierce and with some gorgeous art from January’s art director, David Middleton, we did. The piece went live first thing this morning and I think it just looks terrific.

And now we’re right down to it, aren’t we? Still not quite sure where 2010 went although, on a couple of fronts, I’m pretty glad to see the back of it. Thanks for being part of my literary life this year and thanks for sharing some of your thoughts. And dreams.

Now 2011 is looming. From where I’m sitting, it looks fantastic. See you next year!


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