My Year in Status

Though I tend to avoid Facebook apps, I was charmed today to encounter one I really liked. “Your Year in Status” looks back on all your Facebook status updates over the last 12 months and automagically chooses the ones it thinks were coolest. Then it makes this nifty little display of same and -- voila! -- you can look back on the year that was and share it as you see fit: like writing a blog entry around it, for instance.

It was interesting to see what it chose and fun revisiting some of those thoughts and feelings.

If you’re in a social media mood, you can friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter all of which -- obviously -- seem to have cut into my blogging time! (Perhaps not such a surprise?)

Note: If you actually want to read any of the silly things that amused me enough to share on Facebook during 2010, simply click on the image at left and it will make itself big enough to read.


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