Tuesday Night Dance Break: Ha Ha Tonka

Oddly enough, I have Anthony Bourdain to thank for introducing me to tonight’s dance break. In an episode of No Reservations that celebrates that food and culture of the Ozarks, Bourdain does a segment of music and barbecue with Ha Ha Tonka. As always, Bourdain knows a good thing when he sees it and isn’t at all shy about sharing it with the world. I’m less confident that I’d ever try the squirrel pot pie that also makes it into the episode -- though the duck breast he prepares looks fantastic -- but Ha Ha Tonka is a keeper and, thanks to Bourdain, a lot more people will be listening to their take on contemporary bluegrass/Southern rock. This is good stuff!

A note to my vegetarian readers: if you’re at all tempted to watch the episode of No Reservations referenced here, I’d advise you to think again. In fact vegetarians might want to give Bourdain’s wonderful food and travel commentary a miss altogether.


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