Hipster Kitty Doubts Your Indie Cred

It may just be because Hipster Kitty could be my own Tiger-Lily (if Tiger-Lily got a cool lavender hoodie and became a hipster) but when I belatedly encountered the Hipster Kitty meme yesterday, it just cracked me up.

And I just had the feeling, seeing that first image, that there was more where that came from. I was right: there are thousands upon thousands of them. And each one I see cracks me up still more.

So, naturally, I had to go on a meme hunt. Here's what I discovered:
Hipster Kitty (a.k.a Hipster Cat) is an image macro series featuring a fashion-conscious kitten wearing a lavender hoodie and a pair of thick-framed glasses, derived from a painting called “Allison” by artist Craig Wheat.

These image macros are typically paired with tongue-in-cheek sayings to poke fun at the self-righteous lifestyles of vintage-lovin’, cheap beer-sippin’, Bukowski-quotin’ urban folks. To a certain extent, Hipster Kitty can be seen as a self-parody phenomenon.
You can see more (a lot more) here at Know Your Meme, a useful site to keep track of in any case.

So what does all this meme knowledge get me? Well, pretty much nothing, right? Except for laughter. And we can never have too much of that.


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