Peer Pressure and a Fancy Icepick

Tonight I’ve given into peer pressure and finally upgraded my author page on a Facebook to the new(ish) Timeline. To be honest, I went kicking and screaming: all group pages will be upgraded to Timeline at the end of this month, so it behooved me to get with the program.

The new Facebook format demands a big, horizontal cover image and I chose an icepick, simply because it was the only horizontal I had close to hand. Plus the book I’m working on right now features that most classic of noir weapons so I’ve been spending time thinking about them. I mean, why else would anyone think about them anymore? We have electronic devices to squeeze, chomp and crush our ice, why on Earth would anyone need a pick?

While we’re on the topic of joining things and peer pressure, I also recently signed up for LinkedIn. I’d been hoping it would go away for about the last five years (who needs yet another thing to do?) but since it shows no signs of doing a MySpace and becoming irrelevant before I sign up I figured I’d been get with the program and get Linked.

Now despite peer pressure, I’m not yet on Pinterest. And why? Because I’m just not that pinterested. (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

Meanwhile, if you want to, come Like me on Facebook, Connect with me on LinkedIn, Follow me on Twitter. No fun doing all this stuff alone!


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