Quote of the Week: Carlos Fuentes

“I live through risk. Without risk there is no art. You should always be on the edge of a cliff about to fall down and break your neck.” -- Carlos Fuentes
Even at 83, it was sad to hear the news of Carlos Fuentes passing. The world seems less erudite on this day. Less considered.

Both his writing and his persona were deeply human, pleasingly flawed. But his thoughts -- both those he wrote and those he shared -- were worth remarking. In his lifetime, he said a great many things worth repeating, again and again and...
“One wants to tell a story, like Scheherezade, in order not to die. It's one of the oldest urges in mankind. It's a way of stalling death.” -- Carlos Fuentes
I wrote about Fuentes passing for January Magazine yesterday. That piece is here.


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