My Indigo Journey

It’s been a long journey, but The Indigo Factor is available now. The book is very different for me. At a single stroke I’ve been calling it a contemporary thriller with a paranormal edge, but it is so much more.

The story of The Indigo Factor’s path from inception to publication has been as twisty as the plot of any novel. I wrote about that for The Rap Sheet’s “Story Behind the Story” yesterday:
Several editors suggested that if I made The Indigo Factor into something else--a little more of this, a little less of that--they could find it a comfortable place on their lists. More than once I sat down with the manuscript thinking I would begin that journey of taking what it appeared had become a square peg and stuffing it into a round hole. But it just stuck in my craw.
I loved these characters. I still do. And I love this story. And I’m lucky: authors in other eras would have had to either shove the book into a deep drawer to hope someone stumbled across it when they were dead and had more clout ... or take the trip at altering what they’d written in passion and turning it into something the gatekeepers would accept. For better or for worse, I didn’t have to do those things and have instead opted to have it be my first original novel to debut in electronic formats.
You can read the full piece here. Or, if you like, rush on out and buy the book here.


Carrie said…
Hi Linda - I tried to buy and download the e-book but I don't have a Kindle. How can I buy it to read on my iPhone?
You can download a Kindle reader for your iPhone. I happen to know the Kindle app is pretty good because, when I'm doing any serious Kindle reading, the iPhone is where I do it. (For less serious reading -- as in checking my conversions, etc -- I also have Kindle readers for both my netbook and my MacBook. They work well, too.)
Sir Dineshkumar said…
Hi. Linda. I just finished reading the book. Amazing work. I really wonder if I had done reading in one sitting. Very nice. Good luck.

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