A Virtual Book Launch

A virtual book launch can actually be a lot of fun, or so I discovered yesterday evening when I invited a bunch of my Facebook friends to join in the celebration of my fist original electronic novel, The Indigo Factor.

The snacks served and consumed included cheese and champagne fountains (virtually, of course) with guests getting into the spirt of things and improvising crab cakes, steamed mussels and other nibbles appropriate to such a high faulting’ occasion. “I've dripped virtual cheese on my virtual Dior shift,” a guest wrote at one point. “That'll stain. Got any soda water?” And so on, well into the evening.

One guest even sent in a photo of her cat reading her newly downloaded copy of The Indigo Factor. (I’m a little bit nervous of what the cat thinks of the book. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he likes it.)

You can still see the wreckage from the party here. Thanks to everyone who participated! As a special gift for guests, I arranged for Hitting Back to be free on Amazon for a couple of days. You still have today -- Wednesday -- to download your free copy, so scoot over there now.


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