Best Books of the Year

I’ve been quiet in this space of late. The holidays were part of the reason, of course. Too much joy and fun and friends and food. (And while you can certainly have too much food, I’m not sure it’s possible to overdose on fun and friends and joy!) Also, however, doing my part of the writing and editing for January Magazine’s Best Books of 2012 feature kept me more than my share of busy for a few weeks. (Especially with all the aforementioned fun, etc.)

In any case, this year’s feature was massive and, in some ways, seemed especially satisfying to produce. I remain so very proud of the fact that January’s Best Books of the year feature remains completely passion-powered. They are the books that our writers and editors liked best throughout the year. Because of that, the books included are all over the map. The efforts of small and independent publishers are showcased right next to the largest imprints in the world. And some of these books were written by names known in every household while lots of them were written by authors I’m sure you’ve never heard of before. What do the books have in common? These are the books that moved the hearts of our writers. I can’t think of a higher recommendation than that.

You can see the feature here.


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