Free Stuff Is Good

That Bookbitch is always giving away lots of books. If you like contests, her site is well worth checking out. I can’t remember a month in the last few years when she wasn't giving away at least a few.

Through September, (You probably knew this plug was coming. But remember: I did warn you a few days ago. All Calculated Loss. All the time. Probably for at least a few more days. Heck: it’s the new kid right now) the Bookbitch is giving away copies of Calculated Loss. She’s currently collecting e-mail addresses and, at the end of the month, I guess she’ll put them in her special Bookbitch hat and select five lucky names. (There are other books on offer as well. I’m not mentioning them only because I figure the authors of those books are all off mentioning them on their own blogs. You’ll see those other books anyway, when you’re there. You can’t miss them. They’re the ones that don’t have my name on the cover.)

Here’s the contest link.


Sandra Ruttan said…
Free books - you can hardly go wrong with free books!
That's what I'm sayin'!

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