How Did You Get Here?

As regular visitors to this blog will know, I’m almost weirdly interested in how people find me on the Web. Sometimes they come lookin’ for me after reading one of my books. Sometimes they arrive via something I’ve written on January Magazine or the Rap Sheet or some other magazine or newspaper where they’ve seen my byline. But sometimes they arrive here after searching for some completely non-Linda-related something on Google. And some of these are funny.

Imagine this: you decide -- for whatever reason (probably something stinky) -- to ask Google
“how many hours before food gets bad in freezer when power goes out?” and in between all the interesting and informative answers you find... me.

Or how about this one: finding me on a Google search of “film review Flying over a coocoo [sic] nest” (not surprising maybe... but still).

Or how about a search on “stock market psychic”? You got it: still me.

Ah well... however you found me, I’m glad you’re here. And welcome!


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