Once More: With Feeling

Want a publishing contract? You could sit down for a year or three and write the great modern novel, then wring your hands in anguish while you stand in line for an agent and then a publisher. Really, though, all of that is quite a lot of work. Far easier to take the post-modern route: become an astronaut, strap on a diaper and take to the road. Galleycat has the details: I just can’t bring myself to repeat them.


Jim Winter said…
Tank of gas: $35

Baseball bat: $10 at used sporting goods store

Box of Depends: $25

Bottle of No Doze: $4

Google directions to former publisher's house in Baltimore: Free

Selling the book and movie rights to how you killed him because Son of Sam laws have been overturned in the name of Big Media: Priceless

Not that I'd do that, mind you. I'm just sayin'...

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