Grumpiness Not as Large as Reflected

I realize that my recent usage posts have had a… er… somewhat grumpy tone. It is what it is, right? In order to soften all of that, today I bring you a stolen kitty. Very cute, yes? I swiped it from Clea Simon: don’t know where she got it, I didn’t ask. (It’s even possible she’s been coaxing Musetta into performance mode, though Musetta never struck me as one who would stand up for coaxing. Cajoling? Maybe. Coaxing? Not so much.)

I have a busy Friday planned. I’ll be signing books in the afternoon at the BC Library Association Conference. I’m actually super excited about that. I love libraries and I cherish the opportunity to talk to librarians about my books. It has been such a delight to see Death Was the Other Woman added to so many library collections.

This is an author thing: are others with me on this? Is there a joy greater for our breed than walking into an actual library and seeing our books shelved there, right in public where everyone can see them and touch them and take them home? It makes it all seem real, somehow. And it makes you feel very grown-up.

In the evening, I’m back at the Firehall Theatre for another performance of The Pillowman, this time with a gaggle of friends. We’ll start with dinner, then on to the show, followed by more fun.

I’ll be back here at my post by Sunday, working on a top secret project. (It actually is not top secret. I just don’t want to talk about it for fear of the jinxing writers seem almost universally afraid of.)

Enjoy the stolen kitty! I’ll try to work up some more points of annoyance for next week.


Clea Simon said…
Enjoy, Linda! I stole it too, and wish I could remember where from. And, no, that could never be Musetta. Musetta is actually a clutz. You know how you always hear that cats fall on their feet? Nope. My Musetta is living proof. This long-haired grey does look like my late, great Cyrus, though.

Enjoy the library conference. My local library branch has been closed for renovations for over a year and I'm in serious withdrawal. Serious.

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