A Little Less Drama, Please

A new year. Amazing. I have high hopes for this one. No forest fires and no evacuations. No storms that leave us stranded without power or phone (or both!) for days. No exploding computers. Looked at that way, 2006 was a pretty eventful year.

Then I sort of pause and look at what I’ve written here. Take stock. OK, so: maybe 2006 was a little more drama-filled than I would have liked. I mean, it wasn’t exactly as ordered.

On the other hand, if you step back a little bit and look at the larger picture, all of the important stuff was OK in 2006. All the stuff that really mattered. More than OK, really. It was swell.

All of the people (and dogs) that I love managed to make it through the year with all of the parts they started with.

There was a lot of laughter in 2006.

A lot of nice meals.

Heck: I even had a book come out and reviewers were nice about it. Some were even really nice.

I had a lot of good walks in 2006.

A lot of swell visits with friends. (More laughter.)

Honestly? If 2007 is as good as 2006, I won’t need to complain. Not really. But I could do without at least some of the drama.

Hope yours is great, too!


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