One Year Later...

Time really does have a way of slipping through your fingers when you’re having a lot of fun. I can’t believe it was one year ago today that I -- ever so hesitantly -- started this blog. “After resisting the whole blog thang for so long,” I wrote at the time, “I'm finally taking the plunge. It turns out, I actually do have blog-appropriate stuff to say on occasion. Who knew?”

And while I haven’t posted every day, I seem to have had enough to say to post 206 times in the 365 days that skated past. Not every one of those posts have been scintillating, but all of them have been fun. You’ve journeyed with me while I got fairly obsessive about Jimmy Hoffa, and when I waxed all nostalgic about typewriters. You were with me when I lost my mind for Craigslist and when I was evacuated from my home because of a forest fire. In September, you were standing by for the publication of Calculated Loss, and in February of this year when I breathlessly announced that St. Martin’s Minotaur would be publishing my fourth novel.

Now, clearly, this is my blog, so this is my journey. I don’t imagine anyone has been here for all parts of it. I’m not even sure anyone would be interested in all the parts I’ve shared. But your comments -- both publicly here on the blog, and privately to me in e-mail -- have been warm and welcome. Thanks for your part in all of this. Without you, it would feel an awful lot like trees falling in uninhabited forests. I mean, they do it, but does it actually happen if there’s no one around to hear?


Elaine Flinn said…
A year already? Congrats for sticking it out. And for finding the time to do so - whish I could say the same. I'm outta Murderati as you know...just too, too time consuming.

Happy Anniversary!
Thanks Elaine. Though, to be honest, it doesn't feel so much like "sticking it out," more like a place to put the stuff that rattles around in my head!

And I do know you're outta Murderati. It's just not the same without all those bubbles!

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